313 Packaging Company Testimonials

Large Manufacturing Operation
While working with one of our customers, a large manufacturer, we designed a unique corrugated shipping container saving them money by using less raw material, providing more protection for their product and discouraging other products from being stacked on top of their pallet of product during the shipping process.

Deadlines Moving
One of our manufacturing customers was working on a project with one of their national retail customers. We met with them to discuss their corrugated needs for the project and decided on a nice plan to be implemented over a one-month period. Until…their customer drastically moved up their deadline based on market research results. We learned we did not have one month, but rather, three days! With a lot of cooperation and late nights we were able to deliver the boxes within three days.

A Patented Product
One of our customers, a national distributor, inquired about a corrugated product for one of their end-user customers. After investigating, we could not locate a product to fit all of their needs. So…we designed a product specifically for them. This product is now seeking patent protection.

Small Business Efficiency
One of our fellow Small Business customers was purchasing a variety of sizes of corrugated shipping containers. After working with us, they are now purchasing only two sizes of boxes resulting in significant cost savings due to volume pricing. And, as they grow, these savings will continue to grow with them.

Dining Services Solution
For a major university dining services operation we designed a sandwich packaging product solving several issues they presented to us. The product, made of kraft paperboard, solved their issues of recycling, provided a closure conforming to their requirements and a resulted in a pricing structure fitting their budget.

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